About Us

Cards by Anne is an international greeting card company specializing in hand-calligraphied cards with spiritual and philosophical messages. We have been in business since 1986, taking great pride in our unique line of greeting cards. All of our cards are printed on the highest quality recycled paper. Each is hand-designed using calligraphy, water color and/or ink. The simplicity of the designs allows the profound messages to speak to the heart.

Our Mission

To create greeting cards which allow our customers to express in a simple, yet beautiful way, words of encouragement, gratitude, sympathy, joy, blessing, friendship, and love.

Cards by Anne strives to be a beacon of hope and inspiration in the lives of those we touch.

We are committed to delivering the best in customer service and will respond quickly to our customer's needs.

Meet Anne Kertz Kernion

Anne was an engineer at Gulf Research in the early 1980s and used spare time at her desk to teach herself calligraphy. She left engineering a little less than two years later to work in youth and music ministry at a city parish in Pittsburgh, along with her husband, who had also resigned from his engineering job.

Anne designed her first card (T3, seen below) to use as thank you notes after the birth of their first child, Sarah, in 1983. The local peace and justice center in Pittsburgh and the Sisters of Mercy then asked Anne to design cards for their use. A local card store began selling the card line on consignment, and Cards by Anne had begun. In 1986, Anne registered the company with the state of Pennsylvania as a sole proprietorship.

These first designs were printed in black and Anne would add color by hand-painting each one at her kitchen table. After some local bookstores and retreat centers started carrying the cards, she found the market was receptive enough to continue adding to the collection. In 1996 when her youngest child, Jackson, started first grade, Anne began exhibiting at various shows around the US, bringing her work to a larger audience.

Anne graduated with a BS in Environmental Engineering from Penn State, has an MA in Theology from Duquesne University, and a graduate certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Missouri. Anne also holds a Certificate in the Science of Happiness from UC-Berkeley. Anne lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, Jack, and has three grown children and six grandchildren.

For fourteen years, Anne was an adjunct professor of Theology at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, teaching Cross-Cultural Understanding of Religious Meaning. She was also an adjunct professor at a local community college (CCAC) for seven years, teaching Chemistry, Environmental Science, Nutrition, World Religions and Ethics. Currently, Anne is a frequent lecturer on topics such as Neuroscience and Spirituality, The Grateful Life, Practices to Cultivate Inner Peace, The Breath and Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion. A certified Yoga instructor, Anne teaches a weekly class at a local church. She has practiced meditation and mindfulness for over thirty years, and yoga for over fifteen years. She enjoys biking, hiking, yoga, meditation, travel and reading.

Card Creation

Anne has been collecting quotes since grade school and is an avid reader of contemplative and inspirational books. Some quotes come from everyday sources, such as the newspaper, songs, books, etc, while others are recommended by customers and friends. Quotes are everywhere around us, if we just keep our eyes and ears open. We welcome your quote suggestions.

Anne does all calligraphy and artwork by hand in black ink. She uses dip pens with India ink, the old-fashioned way, and feels a kinship with monks who spent their days painstakingly re-creating important texts, although the present comforts of electricity, heating and air conditioning are greatly appreciated! 

Anne designs about 10 new cards each year and re-designs old cards frequently. She attempts to create designs which reflect current as well as traditional concepts. Designing new cards is one of Anne's favorite aspects of her work.

Why We Use Recycled Paper

From the beginning of Cards by Anne in 1986, and because of Anne's first career as an environmental engineer, we have made a firm commitment to use recycled papers exclusively. At the same time, we wish to provide a high quality writing experience for our customers.

All of our papers are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, Green seal and carbon neutral certified, and made with 100% green electricity. FSC certification denotes products that do not contribute to global deforestation. Our most-used paper at Cards by Anne contains 100% post-consumer fiber and is processed chlorine free.  No new trees are used in any of our cards.

While this type of paper is significantly more expensive to purchase, we feel that it is worth the expense on many levels. At the same time, we have tried to keep the cost of the cards as low as possible. We hope that we have succeeded in creating a high-quality, unique and affordable collection of cards.

What People Say

"Everyone to whom I send a card by Anne for the first time wants to know where I find such beautiful cards. I am known by my friends for sending particularly special cards for particularly special circumstances."

"The quality of your cards is only exceeded by the quality of your service to customers."

"I very recently ordered a gift box for my friend who is recuperating from major surgery--she received it yesterday and was absolutely delighted!...I was amazed how quickly she received it because I didn't order until Fri pm after work hours. Thank you once again for helping me bring joy to others."
~ Lori, Alpharetta GA

"Thank you for your spirit and creativity. Your sense of availability and service add joy."
~ Ann H.